The Tom Hopkins Documentary
Master of Sales
A documentary about one of the greatest salesmen and trainers of his era.

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My name is Dan Portik owner of BVS Film Productions. I have been a business owner and salesperson for over 35 years. Over that time, one man has stood out as a leader in the art of selling changing the landscape in selling forever with his time-tested techniques. His name, Tom Hopkins.  I have studied Tom’s sales training and have truly benefited greatly by its application.  Recently I have had an honor to co-author a bestselling book with Tom and get to know the man and his organization.

After a glorious career of training over 5 million people on 5 different continents, Tom has recently announced his retirement. With that, myself and my company have decided to develop this documentary to not only pay tribute to his life and the and his training that has helped so many over the years, but also to educate people worldwide about the timeless techniques Tom has perfect to succeed in the business. In the documentary, we not only speak with Tom about his career, but also we have compiled interviews from some of the most influential and successful individuals in the industry. People like Sharon Lechter 7 time NY bestselling author and coauthor of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Series. They speak of how Tom has influenced their lives and give unique insight as to what helped them become successful.

As a contributor to this project, you will be not only be educating, but also inspiring professionals young and old to make their own unique path in the world and not to be afraid to take chances in life to succeed.  Currently I am funding this venture through myself and my company. However, having additional funding will help us to amp this up to the next level and send this to the masses to help benefit all.  If we do not reach our goal, this project will get completed no matter what. It is my mission. However, any funds collect will go to help offset expenses already incurred. If we over-achieve our goal, additional fund will be allocated to marketing/promoting the documentary/sponsors on a larger scale.